Terms and Conditions

Last updated: 8 Feb 2021

The website is managed by House of Silko. In the website terms like we and us signify House of Silko. The website offers tools, services, conditions, policies and the users visiting the website must adhere to all the norms.

After visiting the website and making a purchase the user is considered as engaged in the services and is bound by the norms and all the terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are applied on all the users even those who just browse the site, content contributors, merchants, vendors.

It is suggested to all that they must read all the norms carefully before accessing the site because once the user gets in then he or she is bound with the law. In case the user does not agree on any of the terms then he or she may not access the website and is suggested not to use the services provided by House of Silko.

New features and tools that are added to the website are also subjected under terms and conditions. Users can review them anytime on the website. House of Silko has the right to amend the terms and conditions at any point and it is the duty of the customer to proceed after reading the updated norms. Constant usage of the website will considered as the acceptance of the user on the same.

General Terms and Conditions-

House of Silko has the right to refuse or deny providing services to any person, company or venture at any point of time. You also understand that basic information of yours can be transmitted in our servers and you also agree to adapt the technical changes. Credit Card and payment information are always encrypted and kept safe with us so these are excluded from the above mentioned norms. You agree that you will not copy or reproduce or resell the services provided by us.

Terms of online store-

Agreeing on our terms and conditions you prove that you belong to the majority age group that resides in your state. Apart from that you also allow the minors to use the platform of ours. You abide to the law that our products will not be used in any kind of illegal activities. If this is the case then local law and jurisdiction will be applied on you and legal actions will be taken. You also agree that any kind off virus or malware will not be used on the platform and breaching this term will lead to suspension of account in no time.

Changes in services and price-

Products and their price can be changed without any prior intimation and the stocks of exclusive products might vary. We have the right to discontinue any of the services without informing. Apart6 from this we are also not liable for third-party modifications.

Contact and Governing law-

All the services and terms & conditions associat6ed with services are governed and subjected under Indian laws. For questions associated with terms and conditions users can connect6 to the support team of House of Silko or e-mail us.


Cookies are used by us and if you are accessing House of Silko then you agree with the usage of cookies. We use it for easing the functionality which makes it easy for the people who visit the website.


‘Banaras Silk Mfg Co’ selling under the name of House of Silko is licensed and has rights associated with intellectual property and everything is reserved. Republishing and reselling the products is strictly offensive and sub license cannot be generated. However, users can post comments because they never affect the intellectual property.

Reservation of rights-

Link removing right is also provided and it is also done on user request. If you notice any link which is offensive then you can contact the support team and place the request to remove the same. We do not guarantee the accuracy of the content as well and we do not even ensure that the stock remains available always. Neither the accuracy is ensured by us.


According to the permissions provided to us by the law we exclude the warranties from the website and the usage of the website. There are no charges on the usage of the website and in this case we are not liable for any loss or damage.